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VH1's Original Movie The Breaks Is About To Fulfill All Of Your Hip Hop Needs

VH1's Original Movie The Breaks Is About To Fulfill All Of Your Hip Hop Needs: Pump up the volume.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Truth of the 3 of Swords: What am I pretending not to know?


A couple of confessions:

1. I've been reading tarot cards for nearly 5 years, studying and learning. I almost go nowhere WITHOUT my deck yet I've been borderline embarrassed because I grew up in a religion that claimed such practices demonic.

In order to avoid judgment and rejection, I've hidden a wonderful gift. After a recent devastating event in my life, I saw clearly how "withholding truth" is equal to telling a lie.

The truth is I enjoy divination, tarot, and connecting with Source through my cards. I am not ashamed and feel free to unfollow me if you don't agree.  I respect that.

Lesson: Don't hide my gifts to keep friends, if they don't accept all of me they are not a real friend anyway. If I can't be myself fully, how could anyone love and accept ME!

2. I pulled this card last week.  It is a three of swords. My eyes got big because the last time I pulled it, my now ex husband had moved in with another woman only days after our separation. So needless to say the pain associated with this card is frightening.

But I was like, nah I am good. I couldn't imagine what this could be.  Life is peachy. But with research, I learned that this card can also mean you are affecting someone without being aware and causing them the pain.  Ouch! I immediately prayed that if my actions are causing pain to another, please reveal it to me so it can stop. That was Thursday.

Monday morning I got the call from the woman I was indirectly causing pain. I was in relationship with a man for 6 months that was engaged and I didn't know.

Now, needless to say...the cards were on point but the lesson did not stop there. 

3. I had to admit to myself I was playing along with many lies for my own selfish gain. 


See, after tour, I was like "what now, what next."  While on tour, I was too busy to get lonely, sad, depressed.  Work was my distraction. But when all the traveling was done, and I needed to sit my butt still to work on my vision... I found another distraction.

I didn't want to be in a REAL relationship because deep down I knew I was not ready so I manifested this long distance relationship with someone I knew was constantly lying to me but I let it go on out of fear of facing my empty home.

I said all this to say... I allowed myself to be lied to because I was not fully trusting my inner light to guide me through.  By doing this to myself I was indirectly participating in the brewing of pain to another.  

Lesson: We are interconnected. When I don't live in my truth, I am directly or indirectly affecting and potentially hurting the life of another. 

Most won't be able to get that because we don't want to admit that our secret actions, our inner dialogue (loud to us but silent to others), our little white tales, and withholding truths affect others.  I'm not hurting no one, we would say but in reality when you lie to yourself about your worth, don't confront your fears, and ignore your intuition, you are, I am, inadvertently causing pain to myself AND others. Period.

It might not ever reveal itself like it did with this card but believe it is happening.  How could it not? We are interconnected. I am because you are. RIGHT? 

So...Sparkstars, with compassion for myself and with gratitude for the lessons learned in this human skin, I forgive myself for hiding some of my talents because my (our) talents are to be a blessing to others by sharing. 

I forgive myself for accepting lies in exchange of the illusion of companionship and by doing this inadvertently participating in the heart break of another. Sending her so much love right now.

I commit to being up and outstanding in word, deed and action in order to be an example of what love and light looks like.

Sparkstars ask yourself with me daily...

1. What am I pretending not to know?
2. What areas am I hiding my light from fear of judgment or shame?
3. Who am I affecting directly or indirectly when I shine or when I decide to hide?
4. How can I be the best version of me today?
5. Where can I best serve?  #purpose

Ok... being sparktacular isn't always pretty and glittery work.  Sometimes, to shine, we need to, on hands and knees, scrub and wash away the grime.  But we got this, together... we got this. 

I love you and send ((hugs)) all around. Be the change. 



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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Come Out of the Cellar

Sparkly Wisdom: It is useless to criticize God for failing to grant your prayers if you are asking that he come and visit you where you are. You change nothing in your behaviour or your way of thinking, and yet you imagine that the Lord will come and pull you out of the hell you have fallen into. It is exactly as if you were to go down into a cave or cellar and then beg the sun to come and shine its light on you: it can’t! It is up to you to come out and receive its light.

What does a cave or cellar represent? All the inferior manifestations of your intellect and heart, all the bad habits you refuse to renounce which keep you in the cold and dark.

Those who beseech the Lord to come and save them and yet refuse to abandon their old ways of living will no more have their prayers granted than if they prayed to the sun to illuminate them from deep in a cave. They are wasting their time. It is up to them to make a move toward the Lord by improving their attitude. ~ Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No more Forks: Christine Dyan

Teaching Women How To Regain Their Power Over Dieting and Reclaim Their Life!

I had to switch this up. 

Gasps!  I put my hand over my mouth watching Christine's coming out confession on YouTube. 
Just when you think you know a person! 

Just when you go to write about a person and what you THINK  they are all about is only the nail on the toe. I thought I knew Christine's mission, their purpose, their passion... until recently, SHE CAME OUT!

"I have to come clean..." 

I grab my headphones and turn up the volume. I want to hear every word.  

"So many of us are struggling to make it all work."  

I compassionately nod my head. 

I personally know theses women. So many, living their lives with outward smiles but tucked in their pretty purse or stuck to the heel of their stiletto shoes like toilet paper trailing are inner securities, pains, disappointments, and shame. 

"My purpose is to bring you back to EVERYTHING... all of that that makes you whole." 

Watch her confession video here. 


On July 13, 2015, Christine confessed, via YouTube video, to the world, she'd been staring at a fork in the road regarding her passion and purpose.  

Be sparked to each healthy with this Tuna Avocado Boat...Yum!
A lover of all things food from it's agriculture to it's brilliant color combinations, Christine still found herself annoyed with "diet talk".
Deep down in her spirit, she could feel there was something "more" God is calling her to do. s
This day, Christine Dyan, come out to say, I AM READY there will be NO MORE FORKS. No longer will there be a division to her talents and abilities.  
Christine Dyan finally put her FORK where her mouth is and where two roads seemed to diverge, she brings it back together, prepared to chew on success. 
Christine commits to supporting women in their HOLISTIC health and not just monitoring the food they put in their mouth, but also the thoughts, ideas, and possibilities they process in their minds. 

I know this is a big deal for Christine.  She's spend thousands of dollars and years of time investing her in career as a dietitian and creating much branding around being a BODY EMPOWERMENT COACH.  
But she's come out to the world reFRESHed and clean.  Christine is fully aware it's her responsibility to serve with truth, honesty, vulnerability, and transparency.  This attitude of service and love of the whole person is certain to take her far beyond her dreams. 
I am so proud of her.  To take the challenge place on her heart and courageously say YES! 

I invite you to take a look at your life right now.  Where are your forks? When you are ready to say no more forks, declare: 
Yes, I can be whatever I say I am as I trust my inner guidance system.
Boom, is what happens when I am living from my truth.

Now, everything in life unfolds in perfect order.

There is so much power in saying yes in the face of those who might not understand or agree, trusting that the only scale that matters when weighing the opinions of others is the one within. 
Today, I celebrate Christine, the EMPOWERMENT COACH!

From her heart to yours.

What is your name, where are you from, what is your profession? 

My name is Christine Dyan. I'm from Chicago, Illinois.  I've worked as a Registered Dietitian/Body Empowerment Coach for women over 40.

Who are you really? 
Describe yourself without using your name, or any attributes given to you by society and really think. Deep down, who are you?

I am a straight shooter, a paradigm-shifter, a thought leader, a feminine face of activism.

Standing at the gates of heaven, and God asks you “Why should I let you in?” What do you reply?

I did what you called me to do in this lifetime.  I healed lives, loved more than I was loved and gave more than I was given.

What would you do differently if you knew no one was judging you? 

Cuss a little more. LOL!!

When you're 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world? 

That I did what made me happy.  I'm fiercely devoted to my happiness.

What were you doing when you last lost track of the time? 

Singing and dancing in the kitchen while preparing dinner.

If you had to teach someone one thing, what would you teach? 

To trust God for everything.  I believe as humans, that's one of the hardest things to learn to do daily.

What terrifies you the most?

Losing a child

What are you looking forward to? 

Doing the work that I love daily.  It is my driving force.

Describe the greatest adventure of your life.

Packing up my truck and moving solo to NYC.  I still can't believe I drove the entire way from Chicago by myself.  I love it there and will move back again one day soon.

What is your greatest?


What is your greatest weakness?

Fear of failing

What have you did your life teach you yesterday?

Love is unique.

A note from Christine:

"One of THE most EMPOWERING things you can do for yourself is to create an I AM statement, and revisit it often.
Who are you? Have you thought about who you want to become? What you want to create in your lifetime? I bet you have, but maybe you've been denying yourself the opportunity to start.
Well today's your lucky day! It's your starting point. Create your "I AM" statement and put it somewhere you can see it daily to remind yourself of who you are and who you are becoming. This is especially good on those days when life is sucking you dry.Extra Credit: Find a cute picture of yourself, go to Canva.com, and get creative like I did. smile emoticonYou're more likely to look at it daily when you're seeing yourself looking the role (even if you're not quite there yet!)"

I am personally sending sparks of enthusiasm, love, joy, and energy to Christine as she says, "No more forks", and supports all who connect with her creative style and brave beauty in EVERY AREA of their life.

Honestly, I am not the least bit surprise.  Christine exudes strength, wisdom, and intuition.  I am grateful and honored to call her a SPARKSTAR!

More from Christine Dyan
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwmNXBop-pfXvRz4U8KZcw

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You don't need credit to do your best: Adrian's Crazy Life

Chelsea Peterson Photography
When people LOVE to help people, they instantly become my kind of people.  Adrian of Adrian's Crazy Life is a giver, supporter, and a beautiful bursting bubble of ideas with insightful inspiration.

Nail polish pointers, she's got it!
Gadgets & gizmos, right on top of that!
Saving money, holiday fun, head shots, giveaways, Adrian is in the mix of it all.
Natasha Layne Brien

Ever hear the expression, "JACK of all trades, master of none".

Notice they didn't say JILL, because women have the impeccable ability to do it all, keeping it cute, while holding their skirts.  Adrian's certainly a lady that has "all" covered.

As a mother of three,  and with nearly 30 years of parenting under the waistband, she affirms, "A child who is allowed to keep an excess of toys and clothes is likely to not notice the clutter in their adult life because that seems like a normal situation for them."

Job titles and daily hats call for more than motherhood, as if that was not enough.  For approximately 25 years, Adrian worked as a Financial Analyst for a large bank. When we speak of spreadsheets we are not talking bedding but the data and  numerical info that would drive a mad man sane.

My favorite piece of financial advice from Adrian is "renew EVERYTHING". Though speaking specifically about borrowed library books, Adrian inspired my new personal slogan. Can you see how that motto applies to thoughts, feelings, and your daily focus. BOOM!

Adrian is a wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law, grandmother, friend, and blogger.  In this superhero line-up, the only thing I did not read is hip hop rapper.  But, please, I don't put it past her to lean how to Nae-Nae, and tutor us through each step.

Michelle Obama & Ellen Dance

The blogger with the most is a Scout leader, gives to her church regularly with time and singing service, and has connected hearts with kids in N. Ireland.

Adrain is a night owl bit by a traveling bug, that stays up too late, and is allergic to cooking.  She loves animals and caters several side hustles because life just can't seem to keep her occupied.

I love this Sparkstar so much because with little to no credit or accolade, she gives her best and hardly complains.  Life is good as Adrian is crazy enough to share herself with us.

From her heart to yours...

Declutter Queen
Who are you really? Describe yourself without using your name, or any attributes given
to you by society and really think. Deep down, who are you?

One thing I stand by is my tagline on my blog.  It says I am passionate about helping women become better Moms, manage their finances, & organize their clutter. 

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world?

Definitely my children.  That they grew up to be kind and successful human beings who are happy with their lives.  

What gets you excited and driven to achieve?

Praise.  Praise and encouragement.  I will work myself into the ground for someone who appreciates me.  People who are critical – not so much.  I don’t do my best work if I am always looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to grouch about what I’ve accomplished or to find the one thing I might have done wrong and ignore the 99 things I’ve done right.  

When was the last time you travelled somewhere new?

    Adrian Donating to the Utah Ulster Project

January.  I hopped on a cruise ship all by myself with a group of bloggers I barely knew and we traveled down to Cozumel and back.  It was a blast!  

If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?

I think it would definitely help me and I see so many instances where it has.  I put a lot of good into the world and I see it come back to me again and again.  To my way of thinking, acts of charity and service to others is the way I show gratitude for the many blessings I am given.  

How do you spend the majority of your free time? Why?

Doing things for others and sometimes that isn’t a good thing.  I have to work sometimes to be a little selfish and take better care of myself.  But sometimes that Sally Fields feeling “You like me – you REALLY like me” gets a little addicting.  So I’ve been working lately on pulling back and getting my time a little bit more under my control.  

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Ready for this? – I wanted to train animals for the movies.  I originally wanted to be a vet, but I decided I did not want to see animals that were sick or in pain, so I decided I would train lions and tigers to be in movies.  However, I can’t even manage to train our dogs properly, so I have no idea how I would have accomplished such a lofty goal.  

What have you done that you’re most proud to have achieved?

I think the work I’ve done with my Scouts.  When I put together an Eagle ceremony for these boys that really puts the exclamation mark on 5 or 6 years of achievement for them and it’s a great feeling to have been able to be a part of that journey with them.  My own son’s Eagle ceremony is scheduled for this Sept, so it will be nice to see it from the parent’s side as well.  

Adrian's Crazy Life
If you dropped everything to pursue your dreams, what would you be risking?
What is your greatest strength?

I am a complete optimist.  I always think there is a way.  If you can’t go through it, go over it, go behind it, go under it, go around it, or get someone else to boost you over the wall.  If you want something badly enough, there always HAS to be some way to make it happen.  I think that’s where I get my out-of-the-box way of thinking.  Also, I try to be very inclusive.  I’ve had plenty of times when I didn’t feel welcome or included in situations and I hated that feeling, so I make a big point of trying to connect with people and make them feel included.  

What is your greatest weakness?

I think the usual stuff of self-doubt, thin skin, and uncertainty.  Even though I am a definite extrovert, I have my moments of shyness and I don’t often open up to people completely.  I’ve been burned a few times that way, so I tend to be more guarded about sharing personal stuff.  And I’m really good with words, so I have to be careful not to use them as weapons.  There have been time when I’ve written Emails and letters when I was angry that I’ve later regretted.  

What have you done today to make someone’s life better?

Well, yesterday I worked at the Food Bank with my group of kids from N. Ireland.  We are teaching them that Protestants and Catholics really can get along and in fact can become best friends.  

I am passionate about helping women become better Moms, manage their finances, & organize their clutter. 

Stop by AdriansCrazyLife.com to pick up some new ideas

Adrian is a courageous Sparkstar.  Join the league of the courageous crazy ones.  Watch this HipNoticHop video 'COURAGEOUS' and feel the energy you need to take your life to the next level today. 

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Monday, July 6, 2015

The World is a Mirror: Take a Look at Yourself

What if I told you, what you see on the outside of you is a reflection for what is going on inside of you?

What if I went even further to say, what YOU SEE, is not necessary make it true for anyone else?

Sparkstar, what you see is a reflection of your state of consciousness.  So I ask you, what are you seeing?

In this video I give you 4 questions to help you to recognize and take responsibility for the thoughts that are showing up in your life. 

When you change your thoughts, you change your life. When you change your words, you can change the entire world. 

Allow the LIGHT that you are to radiate out onto others.  Shine so that the darkness say... PEACE, I am out of here.  

Go on... click play.  Watch and then have an incredible day!  



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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just like Annie, Always Positive: Nasha Taylor

{"Why is 'positivity' not a real word?" lol.}  Nasha asks to her FB community. 

But indeed it [positivity] is real. I know so, because I see so in Nasha Taylor.  

This adventurer and love warrior meets life with gentle curiosity and the incredible mindset of infinite possibility. 

With quotes like "write the vision and make it a plan" as a life directive, Nasha passionately sets the foundation for what is guaranteed to grow communities of power, influence, and quality. 

As a bridge between creativity and motivation, Nasha fills in the gap with loving energy and pulsating imagination. 

It is with vivid dreaming reality takes flight. Yipppeee as we get to fly high on the dreams of Nasha Taylor with her overwhelming desire to the the change in the lives of young people.  

Nasha is committed to giving back, paying it forward, abundance awareness, and spiritual elevation. 

Being a friend of Nasha, has been a personal upraise because like a real life "Annie", she exudes joy, positivity, and a mindset of manifestation. 

On a regular day, Ms. Taylor, will be strolling the pavement with her trusty four legged sidekick, Frankie, and reading random blogs or books on metaphysics,  humanities, or business. 

I love this this groovy Sparkstar because she dances to the rhythm of change and progression. With our mutual love for Louise Hay, I am honored beyond compare to introduce to you Nasha Taylor. She is honestly an inspiration to those that get to watch in awe.

From her heart to yours...

What is your name, where are you from, what is your profession?
Nasha Taylor
Binghamton, New York
I work with individuals and communities seeking freedom and fulfillment.

What makes you smile?

Dancing makes me smile. When the music moves the crowd to dance and sing together…. Inside jokes, making green smoothies, eating cookies and French fries, flirting.... My dog makes me smile. Thoughtful details make me smile. Eureka moments make me smile. Being playful makes me smile. My mom’s excitement makes me smile. 

If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?

  • Travel for service and adventure. 
  • Paint abstract art. 
  • Be a doula and work in hospice care. 
  • Participate in meditation retreats, and spiritual and leadership workshops. 
  • Skydive 3 times each year. 
  • Spend more time with family.  
  • Perform daily random acts of kindness. 
  • Make fresh green smoothies and juice. 
  • Interview people to learn more stories and perspectives. 
  • Teach or practice yoga daily and run marathons regularly. 
  • Sponsor family reunions. 
  • Supply Organo Gold 'Meals on Wheels' to clients and emergency shelters in Broome County.

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? What will you be able to do at this time next year?

I can now decline or draw a boundary without feeling drained or guilty. I also choose my thoughts with greater consciousness. 

And I, next year at this time, am giving my mother one of many personal checks for $20K to cash.

What do you “owe” yourself?

I owe myself the grace and freedom that I allow others. I owe it to myself to share love with unbridled romance, purpose, and vulnerability. I owe it to myself to believe in my own value and ability.

What terrifies you the most?

My own fulfillment. The awareness that I have the influence to impact the course of history. Also, in is in my control if I end as mere potential. One fear has been beating the other.

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

What gets you excited and driven to achieve?

I see possibility and connection everywhere. I am energized when I am a part of a vision and people pull together.  And yet, this is also my biggest distraction.

Who are you really? Describe yourself without using your name, or any attributes given to you by society and really think. Deep down, who are you?

I am an instrument of evolution. I am rich and fluid. I am a channel of Light. I am a form and image of infinite Spirit. I am a co-creator seeking opportunities to activate healing, oneness, and prosperity. I am growing in consciousness and I connect with others who are awakening to their gifts and potential. I am opportunity. I am messenger of possibility. I am a silly goofball.

Affirmations transform your thinking making room for ONLY the thoughts that make you feel good about yourself, live, and what's to come.

Watch this inspiration, HipNoticHop video by Minista Jazz 'Courageous' and share the energy of Sparktacular!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"F" The Opinion of Others... 4 Steps to Take Back Your Life

Ever have someone give you an opinion that you did not ask for?

For the longest while, I could not understand for the life of me, why some people have the NEED to give their opinion about how you should eat, exercise, work, dress, spend money, travel, marry... and you DID NOT ASK!

“Be independent of the good opinion of other people.” ~ Abraham Harold Maslow.

The funniest to me is people walk up to pregnant women and after reaching in for the uninvited belly rub they begin to give the list of "do's" and "don'ts" to motherhood.  "Um, excuse me, do you even have any kids?"

And what most people do not consider is the affect that their opinions might have on the person they are served up to. 

For instance, a young and vulnerable mind, still trying to create their own self identity.

OK, let be clear.  Opinions in and of themselves are perfect fine.  It is when these opinions are given without permission, as if they are the only truth that exists, and with the slight suggestion "You are dumb if you don't listen to me because, isn't it clear that I know everything."

It can be overwhelming to be forced fed the opinion of others. Especially when they are  friends, boss, parents, or SOCIAL MEDIA. So when you begin to feel that "OMG" feeling come over you from the infiltration of some one's good opinion... here are 4 ways to say, "F" that!

1. Find your Stillness and Breathe.

Of course, always start with the breath. Breathing is the key to life.  When someone gives their opinion it can feel constricting.  And there are no accidents that it does.  What you are experiencing is an invisible tight hold around what once was infinite possibility.

With every moment, life presents infinite possibility for outcome.  What opinions can sometimes do is create limits around what is possible based on the experience of others.  This can be quite traumatic if you are someone that believes in miracles.

So "F" that.  Find your stillness and breath.  The breath is the physical manifestation of abundance.  It can not be seen but felt and is always available to you in each living moment.  When you come back to the breath, you are instantly reminded of the truth of the universe which is expansive, infinite, and full of possibility.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes just breathing.

2.  Focus on your passion and mission

It is so easy to be distracted by the opinion of others.  Especially when what they are offering sounds logical and smart.  Most of the time, when we are up to great things in the world, it surpasses the understanding of other and even ourselves.  So if someone gives you an opinion that is neatly packaged in logic, it is easy to be distracted from your vision, dream, passion, and mission.  Naturally you want to do what makes sense but sometimes, your calling won't make sense to others and you have to courageously risk to see it manifest.

So "F' that.  Focus on your passion and mission.  When you get super duper clear on what ultimate calling is, the unsolicited opinion of others on what to do with your life will be easily dismissed.  You will not be distracted from your path based on their belief.

To get super clear, take the moment to write down your mission, your purpose, your passion.  You can even record yourself saying it.  And when someone says something that doesn't quite encourage your ultimate path, you press PLAY and remind yourself what you are up to.  Leave them to their path and you stay in your lane as well.

Remember the good opinion of others are not necessary for us to do a good work in the world.

3. Forgive those that try to control you. 

I realized that most of the time, people give their opinion because the honestly believe they know what is best.  They want to see the world around them unfold how they think it should.  They feel that if they tell everyone what to do, then they can ensure their own safety and create the world according to their own liking.  It sounds good in theory but NO, we are not in control of the actions of others. No one is in control of you.

So "F" that.  Forgive them.  Be compassionate to the soul that is afraid of life. They are afraid that if they do not control every aspect of life, including you, things will go really wrong.  Do not be inundated by the fear of others.  Understand that they mean well and are only doing their best to protect what they consider might be their peace.  This has nothing to do with you, so don't take it on. Forgive them for trying to control you.  Send them love and encouraging light energy instead.

Mantra: Happiness and peace is mine. I forgive those who attempt to control me.

If you are experiencing anxiety due to the opinion of others it is probably because if you are highly sensitive you are picking up on their fear.  Declare you happiness and send them love.  Stand courageously and be a mirror for them to know that anything is possible.  Show them with your confidence and trust that everything in life is unfolding in perfect order. 

4.  Fill your mind with gratitude. 

When you are given the opinion of another, without asking, immediately go to gratitude.  Be thankful for the gift while saying no thank you to the intention.  An offering is an offering.  Even if it feel like it is being pushed down your throat... it is not.  It is a gift that you can be grateful is coming your way and also have the authority to refuse.

So "F" that.  In the moment, that you are full of gratitude for who you are, what you have, where you are going, what you've become, you have no room for the "good" opinion of others to hold space in your mind.  You can consciously accept that in which you need and leave everything else at the door.

Think of all of the things that you are grateful for and you have not time or space to feel bad about gift that you don't need. Trust me someone else might be able to use it, just not you, just not today.  Thank you, but no thanks and know that it is OK. 

And then again, come back to the breath.  The amazing, abundant, and awesome breath will support you in all that you want to do.

So even in this moment, know that this is JUST my opinion on how you may deal with the GOOD OPINION of others and if it doesn't not work for you...

1. Find your stillness and breathe
2. Focus on your passion purpose mission
3. Forgive those that try to control you
4. Full your mind with gratitude

"F" that!  

Love and Light,

Minista Jazz

PS.  You got this!

Watch this video for a dose of COURAGE to be able to say... "F" that and live your life the way you choose.  As long as you ain't hurting nobody be free to be you, boo!  I love you!

"Courageous" HipNoticHop by Minista Jazz

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jump to Health, Not Conclusions: Bernadette Robinson

Amazing Human Thangs!
When was the last time you got that, "OMG" feeling?  You know, that moment you see some awesome human being, doing their "human thang" so masterfully, your eyes pop out in a state of WOW!

Well, that freakin' happened to me a few weeks ago when I was introduced to Bernadette Robinson's instagram page.

Yo, this award winning & former competitive jump roper, gotz moves and legs that make you want to stare... HARD!

I'm Healthy! #HipNoticHop
But Bernadette doesn't want you to just look, she wants you to JUMP!  She is all about fun and the innovation of a her favorite pastime, jump rope.

When she was 10 years old, Bernadette spent her school recesses jumping rope with friends. And now, well into her 10,000 hours at gravity defying, my girl has mastered the craft, winning Silver and Bronze medal in highly respected competition.

Bernadette Robinson is a coach, mentor, community leader, and personal trainer. Her skill, will, and determination hooked the attention of many publications and landed her a featured segment on Dr. Oz.  Also, Bernadette showed up  and out during ESPN's Sports Day at the Tribecca Film Fest in 2014.

Though she strives to keep it fun during intense physical activity, as a case manager working with people with HIV/AIDS and mental disabilities, she knows how listen during intense emotional times as well. 

Her skills are infinite, as she has dedicated her life to be an inspiration. 

Punk Rope 
Her positive mindset is incredibly awesometagious!  When you are around her, you desire to be better, healthier, funnier, and positive. 

Bernadette's unequivocal style of group exercise classes, workshops, and seminars make jumping rope more than a exercise, it becomes a entertaining revolution.

I stalk greatness regularly, so I am totally inspired by Bernadette.  Now, it's my goal to attend one of her workshops in NJ or NYC and have her star in my new HipnoticHop music video for the affirmation track 'Healthy'.  

Such a Sparkstar in every way, I am honored to present to you... Bernadette Robinson.

From her heart to yours...

What is your name, where are you from, what is your profession?

My name is Bernadette Robinson. I am NYC born and raised (da Bronx). I currently live in Newark NJ. 

Who are you really? Describe yourself without using your name, or any attributes given to you by society and really think. Deep down, who are you? 

I'm just me. What you see is what you get. I am made up of all the experiences that i've been through intentionally and unintentionally. I am who I molded myself to be. 

If you lost everything, whose arms would you run into to make everything ok?

My Dad. But I just lost him a few weeks ago.

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in less than 140 characters.

Stay true to yourself no matter what. Never be someone else's idea of who/what you should be. That will take you far.

If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?

Of course, giving my children the world and motivating others through word and deed. (basically what she is doing now... ahmazing)

If your entire life was a movie, what title would best fit? 

She Don't Give a *Bleep* 

What are the chances you’ve passed up on that you regret? How do you apply the learning from this regret to your actions today?

One of them was ending a good relationship for absolutely no reason at all in 1997. I apply it by thinking some things through before aburtly ending good situations and that can apply to anything. Weighing pros and cons. 
What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?

I would have stayed home with my parents for a long time at least until I was good. Even if it was till 40 (ha ha)

If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask? 

My friend.  Why he can't get his life together at his older age; settle down? What does having multiple women do in your older age? What are his insecurities?

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world? 

The amount of people that I've motivated and the legacy I've created through jump rope, inspiration and letting people know, "it's OK to be you". 

How do you celebrate the things you do have in your life?

I need to do a better job at doing so.... 

What were you doing when you last lost track of the time? 

Being a fool as a youngin'. I could have done so much more with myself. 
Make it Happen, Make if FUN NYC!

If you had to teach someone one thing, what would you teach? 

Love yourself enough to trust trust yourself and be confident in your decisions, even when you think they are absurd to others.

What makes you smile?

My children, Jump rope, my goals and good people that are not always serious. The simple things in life. 

What drives you to do better at something?

Thinking about the bigger picture.

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? What will you be able to do at this time next year?

Confidence in myself and ability.  Also learning how to say "no" and mean it, without feeling bad. 

What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s really worth remembering?

Being on the Dr. Oz show. 

What gets you excited and driven to achieve? 

My goals excite me. The opportunities excite me.  I'm driven by myself. I'm driven by the "No's.  

When was the last time you travelled somewhere new? 

It's been a while. ATLANTA in 2011.

What do you want most out of life?

To achieve things my way and leave a legacy for my children and thousands around the globe. 

If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?

A Queen, A Teacher, A Social Worker... she did that!
I think it would help. I'm a good person.  

What do you “owe” yourself? 

A spa day. I have never ever in my 36 years of life. 

How do you spend the majority of your free time? Why? 

Free time? I spend my time at the gym or going to a fitness class in the gym, park, or elsewhere. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

A queen, a teacher, a social worker. 

What have you done to pursue your dreams lately? 

A lot of self promotion, collaborating with others and continually working on my craft. 

How about today? 

Tight Like Rope!
I made some important phone calls and put a team together. 


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