Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I SEE ART: The Future of Nail Design

I love creative people.  And basically, that means 'I love people'.  

We are ALL creating something.  It's just that some of us are AWARE of our art. 

But it is passion that fuels artist awareness, more than anything else. Passion, as thick as the pollen in the air and as mysterious as the wind, seems to appear plentiful at certain seasons in our lives. Floating around invisibly, passion inspires new life and ideas in those that it touches.

So the confession comes through like on police siren... I HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY THE PASSION OF RHONDA MOODY.  

Everything in her path has to move to the side and hault for a second because her work is astounding!  

I was sparked me up and when I came across the work of this, nail designer, and it is my sparktacular duty to pass it on! 

You may be like, ok Minista Jazz, it is nails, come on... but to me, I see so much more than that.  I see a growing dream.  I see feverish excitement over color, design, technique, and originality.  I see a future of entrepreneurs inspired to work hard in order to create a business that they love.  I see connections as people sit down and explore their core desired feelings (what colors do I chose today) and use that to increase the joy factor in others (oh wow, your nails look so awesome)... I SEE ART.

Rhonda Moody, lives in Sacamento, California and is a Site Director for an After School Program.  But she is also one of my favorite creative people.  

Week by week, I have watched this self taught artist, push the envelope on possible with it comes to design and pull off looks with color combination that I would have thought could only occur in the beauty of nature. 

She has used social media as her digital museum and has grown her fan base with time, patience, and PASSION. 

GET ME...  Passion is contagious and I definitely caught what was going around because I am excited about color, creativity, and courage.  

This young lady definitely gets the award of vision and I wish her all the best in all that she does here and beyond.  Rhonda Moody, is a true SPARKSTAR!

From her heart to yours...

1. What is your name, Where are you from, What's your profession?
My name is Rhonda Moody...I live in Sacramento, California and I am  Site Director for an After School program!

2. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

3. What makes you Smile?
I smile everyday just for having the ability to wake up in the morning. I smile the most when I'm with my daughter she is my EVERYTHING! 

4. What do you "owe" yourself?
I owe myself the best... To try my hardest in all I do... and to forgive myself in the areas I have failed... And to strive to better those areas and never give up on myself!

5. How do you spend the majority of your free time? Why? 
I have developed a PASSION for nails/ nail art! I am self taught at this time and looking forward to attending school this Summer to become a nail tech. I would love to do this on the side and create my own business.

You can see a few of my designs at 
I'm always adding new pictures hope you enjoy my work... I'm really trying! 

Supporting others that are doing what they love support love and love is the solution to every problem imaginable. SUPPORT LOVE.

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