Thursday, July 16, 2015

Come Out of the Cellar

Sparkly Wisdom: It is useless to criticize God for failing to grant your prayers if you are asking that he come and visit you where you are. You change nothing in your behaviour or your way of thinking, and yet you imagine that the Lord will come and pull you out of the hell you have fallen into. It is exactly as if you were to go down into a cave or cellar and then beg the sun to come and shine its light on you: it can’t! It is up to you to come out and receive its light.

What does a cave or cellar represent? All the inferior manifestations of your intellect and heart, all the bad habits you refuse to renounce which keep you in the cold and dark.

Those who beseech the Lord to come and save them and yet refuse to abandon their old ways of living will no more have their prayers granted than if they prayed to the sun to illuminate them from deep in a cave. They are wasting their time. It is up to them to make a move toward the Lord by improving their attitude. ~ Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov

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