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#ChooseBeautiful ...Really?

What's wrong with average?

AVERAGE: constituting the result obtained by adding together several quantities and then dividing this total by the number of quantities.

DOVE created a campaign (WATCH VIDEO HERE) 
where women around the world were asked just that. 

The beauty brand set up two entryways with signs above that read "average" and "beautiful" in different languages in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and San Paolo.

As women approached the buildings, they had choose which door they walked through.

Though this is a clever campaign on the awareness of how we feel about ourselves, do you think that one should feel shamed or BAD for choosing average?

Don't get me wrong, I am a stand for feeling beautiful and understanding self worth.  But when I watched the video a part of me felt pained that the women that choose average were looked at as if they did something "wrong".

Some of the women even said they would change their decision if they had to choose next time.  BUT would they change if the were not caught on camera.
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I am a metaphysical minister and spiritual practitioner.  One of the healing principles that I teach is affirmations and how to use words to heal your life.  It is very true that words can make or break your life and spirit.  

However, it is also true that if you are shamed into making a decision. it has an even more detrimental and negative affect on the mind and spirit.  

What happens if one does not feel good about their decision, in public they will say that they choose differently, but in private they feel even worse.  They begin to muddle over why they don't feel beautiful, why did they other women choose beautiful, etc. This can create a spiral and lead to severe masking of feelings. This is not how affirmations work.

When you affirm, you are in control to make a new choice on your own.  You create the words, descriptions, and meanings for yourself.  This is important because one never knows the kind of association people may have with the word BEAUTIFUL.

Mean Girls
What if in school, the "mean girls" were called beautiful as well.  I can compassionately see how one could feel "better" about being average because it also meant they were kind or loving.  

Again, my intention is to show that words mean different things to different people and to force someone to choose between two words, without proper context and then make them feel less than for their decision is not cool.  

But I get it.  The mind is easily tricked when emotions come into play and unfortunately the emotion of shame and guilt carry more persuasive energetic weight than happiness and desire. 

I say to you, feel beautiful, feel average, feel weird, feel how you want to feel as long as you are aware that it is YOUR choice, and that choice empowers you.  

If choosing beautiful makes you feel like a liar, take a moment to look at why.  First define beautiful for yourself (not what you think society says beautiful is) and then ask yourself why don't you feel like you measure up to your own standard. More importantly, decide, do you even want to? 

Today I challenge you to choose... something.  Choose ONE word that describes a way of being; feeling, that empowers your socks off.  I invite you to create a sign of the word YOU CHOOSE to describe yourself, and place it over your bedroom, bathroom, or front door. Now, you get to walk through the door of your own picking and you get to decide who you are for yourself.

It is ALWAYS your choice!  

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