Friday, April 3, 2015

Straight Up Now Tell Me: Ginger Coyle

"Do-do-you love me?" Ginger sings a cover of Paula Abdul's classic hit, "Straight Up Now Tell Me" and magically the words transform from a catchy pop song to a deeply meaningful lesson on honesty.

Like a virgin, my ears heard the tune brand new. It was as if my most divine self was asking me to take a more introspective look at my own relationships.  And for the first time listening to Ginger's voice singing this song, I had a revelation about my new found resolve to say "Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye".  

Ginger has this magical affect with her voice.  And with song titles such as 'Hindsight', 'Silver Lining', and 'The Big Picture',  this modern day tattooed oracle, has taken what it means to deliver a message through music to an entirely new [and sparktacular] level.  

Standing as a beautiful songstress, Ginger effortlessly creates a space in which the curiosity of the mind joyfully dances.  Her spirit unfolds through song and no matter what she sings, even if it is the ABC song, it is lead with grace, love, peace, and awareness.   

A music industry favorite since the age of 14, Ginger has received numerous accolades for her talents but it was not until recently that she began making the music that rocks her own intention.  "Conscious lyrics brimming with radio-friendly hooks and universal themes", Ginger has taken the music that she loves and alchemized it into a vehicle for world wide consciousness.

Ginger Coyle, is such an inspiring mother and lover as she still finds the time to not only sing, write, and record but also run her own music label, booking agency, and publishing company.  

Sparkstar Ginger Coyle shares STRAIGHT UP, from her heart to yours:

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in less than 140 characters.

These are the messages that I would give:
We are all one.  
We all deserve love and we all deserve peace. 
Before trying to love others, don't forget to love yourself. 
Before trying to attain world peace, find your own inner peace. 

If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?
Ultimately the dream is to live mindfully in my Earthship and also create the first ever Earthship Recording Studio / Artist Retreat where a recording artist and their team can rent out the studio / living space to get off grid, and tap into their creativity while making a record completely powered by the sun. This WILL happen one day, I promise you!

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? What will you be able to do at this time next year?
Today I can meditate! This is something I've wanted to do for so long and now finally with the help of a spiritual community, I am able to. Because of this I've become a watcher of my own mind… my own thoughts… and  the "noise"  that filled my days for so long is no longer there. I can now choose my thoughts as they come and decide what I want to keep and what I let go of.  I've never really experienced such inner peace and I am now able to find the positive in any situation from practicing meditation.

If you had to teach someone one thing, what would you teach? 
If I could teach someone one thing it would probably be  radical forgiveness. Sounds a little crazy but when we forgive it sets us FREE. (I'm talking mind, body and soul!)  I find that it is a key element to my own personal happiness.  I like to forgive people and myself of circumstances as they happen in real time so that I don't clutter my mind with holding on to human imperfections and circumstances that are out of my control. There is an awesome book that I'm reading by Colin Tipping called "Radical Forgiveness" he's got many books available and even a website with tons of information on the subject. 

Sparkstars, Ginger Coyle is the mega mastermind behind The S.H.I.F.T. Showcase. I will be in the building co-hosting the event with her April 2015. 

S.H.I.F.T. SHOWCASE is an all women's event at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. The mission is: "Women shifting consciousness with creativity." 

The main goal of the event is to celebrate females in all mediums of art. S.H.I.F.T. happens every season to raise money and awareness for a nonprofit called GIRLS ROCK PHILLY. 

If you are interested in attending S.H.I.F.T. 

Tickets can be bought through ticketmaster in advance.



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