Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heart Break SUCKS but Healing Happens!

Dear Sparkstar,

Chances are, if you are a living breathing, human being, you will at some point in your life experience heart break.  Look, I know I am not giving you any new information when I tell you, HEART BREAK SUCKS.  Heart break can be so strong that will create an ache so deep that can not even be detected by machine. And thought there might be nothing physically wrong with the heart, a crazy pain still radiates from the chest area so strongly that you could begin to feel as though you are dying. Ever felt that? Yup, that is an "emotional heart attack".

I looked up the symptoms of 'heart attack' to support me in understanding this invisible pain and maybe how to make it STOP!  What sparked in me was nothing short of amazing!

While reading about the heart, symptoms of a heart attack, and how this muscle works,  I read a line that said:

"Heart attacks cause scar tissue to form amongst normal heart tissue, this can lead to further heart problems or even heart failure."

Why did this spark something in me?

Well if I think about the many "emotional heart attacks" that most of us have experienced during our lifetimes and all of the "emotional scar tissue" that has probably formed amongst the normal emotional stuff, it becomes easy to understand why humans are sensitive to "negative stimulus"; sometimes to the point of experiencing deep rooted pain over and over again; so deep you can't help but scream and cry.  Guys, we are living in the silent OUCH of reoccurring heart attacks.  


Wow… Take a  step back and look at, not just your own heartache, but the world that we live in as a whole.  We are nations among nations of people suffering from "emotional heart disease" and we are on the break of massive planetary heart failure due to too many heart attacks... OMG!  This has got to STOP!

Immediately, I started to look for cures and answers to heal these chronic "emotional heart attacks". I want to pass this information on to all that maybe experiencing the same or similar symptoms. BECAUSE HEART BREAK SUCKS!

First of all, there is no quick answer to this.  Healing is a process.  It may take several weeks or months or years, it is an individual process. Healing happens so don't give up hope. 

Here is what you can do:

1. IMMEDIATELY STOP and AVOID BAD HABITS:  If there are people in your life that you know are 'bad habits', meaning you love them but too much time around them or energy given to them results in negative outcomes... stop being around them.  The only way to heal is to give yourself time away from the things that caused the heart attacks in the first place.  This is not to say you can not ever connect with these people but you must wait until you are strong and spend time in moderation.  If the person is abusive... DO NOT GO BACK UNTIL THEY HAVE SOUGHT OUT EFFECTIVE SUPPORT and have a proven track record of success in being able to love instead of blame.

2. LOOSE WEIGHT: Drop the extra baggage that you are carrying that may be causing you stress.  It may seem that it is your job, spouse, children, or family but none of these are the cause. Be aware that these factors may be a trigger but not the reason for your stress.  It is time to investigate into yourself where you are hold past emotional weight and start to shed the pounds hurt that have been piled on over the years.  

  There are things in life that we choose to put pressure on ourselves.  We say that we must have this or that in order to be happy.  We have to make this much money every month, or we have to have this house, that car, these kind of kids, this kind of accolade... blah blah blah.  Come on, all you are doing is putting more pressure on yourself to achieve and whenever you may seem to fall short of your personal definition of glory...POW right in the "heart"... the pain.  Well control the pressure. Prioritize and schedule you
r life in a way where all of your needs are met.

4. EXERCISE: The heart is a muscle and so is love.  When you exercise your love muscle you become more flexible, strong, balances, and you just feel good.  Love does not cause pain, resistance to what is does. It is up to you understand what you are resisting.  If you look at the pain and a indicator that something needs healing, you can consciously choose behaviors that support in that healing. 

The pain is just a signal to where you must exercise acceptance. Are you experiencing pain around jealousy, abandonment, disappointment, neglect?  Well that is where you need to use the exercise of compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others in order to heal and grow past the pain.  The more you choose to use your compassion and love muscles to "fight" the forces of negativity in your life, the stronger your love will become.  Soon you will be immovable and unstoppable... 


Like I said before, we can totally heal from the emotional heart attacks that we have experienced in the past leading up to the now, but it is a choice.  You have to want to, commit to, and stand strong like no sh*t, no matter what it may feel like right now.  

I am sharing this with you because I need the support of Sparkstars; those compassionate beings on this life journey.   The more we use and share the lessons of compassion, the healthier our "hearts" will be as a people, as a nation, as a world.  

Please choose compassion and pass this message on to another! 

Thank you for your courage and determination to love unconditionally, we are all the stronger for it!

Hearts and Sparks,

Minista Jazz

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