Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One Heck of a Storm, Beautiful Rainbow

What you say? 
A close friend brought to my attention that it might be difficult for people to believe that I experience problems or tribulations because no matter what, I am able to find a way to laugh, smile, and keep it moving.
I looked at her real strange because the amount of fuckery I get myself into is astounding. Ha! Smh.
However, I can see her point of view. It is just that I have literally trained myself to alchemize every situation into see where God must be, and has to be, working things out for my ultimate good and the good of all involved.
With that outlook, I can BE Happy, when there is nothing to be happy about.
Happiness is not about the circumstance, it is about the perspective.
How do you look at it?
So even though, I might be going through some things, my perspective says, this is all for a greater purpose as everything must be unfolding in perfect order.
Now, boopski, I am in no way ignoring the lesson life is teaching me in a moment. I just choose to smile at the teacher. 
All lessons don't have to necessarily be harsh but for someone as head harded, risk taking, and unapologetic as myself, sometimes it takes a good hard fall to wake me up. Oof! It's cool, just my path.
Now again, just because I am all glitter, sunshine, neon rainbow, SPARKSTAR, it doesn't mean that I don't feel disappointment, pain, betrayal, hurt, afraid, confused, or shy from time to time.
Yup, as weird as I appear to be, I am also human, born on this planet, breathing oxygen, dual and complex, learning to be wiser. (And might I add, every Sparkstar that ever is or was, goes through/went through it too).
But because I am a SPARKSTAR, I choose light when I notice darkness, color sunshine in the grey, and gratitude in the storms, because I say so. It just works for me.
So yes, optimism in the face of adversity might seem silly to others, but it is the way I choose to walk through this life.
If ever you need a ear, hand, or shoulder to lean on, hit me up, and if I can, I will. Just because you see the rainbow doesn't mean you weren't affected by the storm.
I am here for you.
Loving you in all weather,

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