Friday, March 20, 2015

Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken, Nothing Lacking

Sparkstar Brionna Edmundson is a dynamic dancer in every aspect of the word. To move rhythmically to music is her reverent way of life.  Following a set of sequence of steps, Brionna proudly proclaims her steps to be ordered by GOD.   Brionna's quick and lively movement is a vociferous testament to her early life successes.  And at the vivacious age of 22, she has accomplished more than most people dream to accomplish in their entire lifetime.

Lead roles in celebrity choreographed performances, solo twirls for the President's wife, Michelle Obama, and commercial appearances on major television networks exposes this Sparkstar's powerful shine.

As a graduate from The Alvin Alley School of NYC, she has made appearance in national publications and has worked intimately with many of the best choreographers in the entire world.  Currently a member of Ronald K. Brown's/Evidence, A Dance Company, this young star has every intention to keep her torch of passion and talent burning.

Hear words directly from Brionna's heart and ma
y her light spark yours…

What do you "owe" yourself?

Credit.  I do not give myself enough credit for the accomplishments I've made or the amount of work I put into my accomplishment.  I often downgrade my credibility so the person next to me doesn't feel inferior because of what I achieved.  But is that fair to my gift.  No.

And at other times I am so focused on 'what's next' that the moment I'm in doesn't feel like "a big deal".  I admit I owe myself a strong passionate pat on the back.

2. What can you do today that you couldn't do a year ago? 

I am able to forgive.  A year ago, I couldn't truly forgive those who hurt me and I couldn't forgive myself for the things I've allowed to happen an done to myself as well as others.  True forgiveness is a gift.  I am glad that I have found it.  With the forgiveness that I have explored, next year this time my ability to unconditional love will be a year stronger!

3. What do you want most out of life?

Fulfillment.  I want a nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing lacking type of life.  Agape in every area of my life.

4.  If you dropped everything to pursue your dreams, what would you be risking?

I have to say nothing.  I've done my share of risking friendships, boyfriends, "the high school and college experience".  I've risked fashion trends and even meals while I was saving for summer intensives.  I've even risked seeing my sister graduate from college.  I've risked for my future and that was a part of God's plan for my life. I'm confident in that.

5.  If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say?

You have a purpose designed by the most powerful creator, GOD.  The gift you were given was never intended just for you alone.  His plan is much bigger than you are.  You are a vessel used to pour His light onto others in need of Love.  There will be hardships but there also will be triumphs.  The ups and downs are needed for your growth and His glory. I've learned if you return the gift He gave you, right back to Him, He will fulfill your destiny.  Know every sacrifice is worth it. Every tear cried, He saw and He is proud of your choice to follow Him to answer your divine calling.  You may not understand all that has occurred while you go through a storm but the rainbow is at the end.  I promise it will be the most pleasant sight to see.


Brionna is an example of the vessel she speaks of, pouring her light onto us in the name of God.  I appreciate the love and art that she is in the world.  If you are inspired by this young Sparkstar, share her words of wisdom with another.  Feel the spark and pass it on!

Deeply moved and lovingly inspired,


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